Storm affects electricity supply

Kathmandu, April 1

Due to the heavy windstorm and lightening in the Tarai region on Sunday night, the electricity supply in Bara and Parsa districts has been heavily affected. The storm had led to power outage last night.

However, internet services have partially resumed in the affected districts.

According to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the transmission and distribution lines in Feta, Prasaunni, Mahagadhimai and Subarna Bhawanipur village municipalities of Bara and Parsa have been totally affected while the Birgunj sub-metropolitan city has been partially affected.

“We are trying to resume electricity supply in areas where it is possible,” said Prabal Adhikari, spokesperson for NEA.

According to him, the 132 kVA Raxaul-Parwanipur transmission line that transmits 50 megawatts of electricity from India for the Birgunj-Pathlaiya industrial corridor has been totally affected and it has been shut down. Likewise, the 33 kVA Raxaul-Birgunj transmission line has also been affected.

Moreover, the 66 kVA double circuit Parwanipur-Birgunj transmission line and the 33 kVA Birgunj-Kalaiya line have also been totally affected and shut down.

As per NEA, around 2,000 electricity poles under the Kalaiya Power Distribution Centre were uprooted and hundreds of electricity transformers and also electricity cables were damaged.

However, Kalaiya distribution centre has been charged through the Chandranigahapur distribution centre and power is being supplied in possible areas.

According to NEA’s initial findings, it has suffered losses of over Rs 150 million to its property and more than 3,000 households and industries have been directly affected.

Adhikari further said that the power utility is committed to resolving the problem as soon as possible.

He said that NEA has already deployed its human resources to rebuild the transmission lines, distribution centres and electricity cables in the affected areas.