Supergal Alisha’s fave mantra to racers here

KATHMANDU: “Bike racing is the ultimate passion for me, the race to move beyond time is what keeps me going in the toughest times,” said Alisha Abdullah, the youngest biker girl from India.

In two years’ time, she would like to run an institution where girls will be provided an opportunity to learn biking from professionals and also under her guidance.

“Being a racer, it is interesting when one gets to compete with more challengers,” she said adding that she has visited Nepal to increase the competition as Nepalis are not much into bike racing.

Since last year, Nepal started taking part in the Yamaha R15 Championship — thanks to Yamaha.India’s only woman super biker racer, along with professional bike racers from Chennai, is in town to conduct a one-day workshop on racing techniques on Friday.

The racing event — R15 championship to be held at Chennai — is a quarterly event for which participants are selected through lucky draw.

“This time onwards, four participants will be selected from amongst the customers of Yamaha R15 bikes,” said Awashis Prasad Ojha, marketing manager of Morang Auto Works (MAW) -- the sole authorised dealer of Yamaha motorcycles in Nepal.

“MAW will be sponsoring the four bikers to represent Nepal at the championship,” he said adding that the selection for the Yamaha R15 championship will be held on June 20 and the final race will take place on June 28. “It feels really good when I hear unusual comments specially from the men. This not only pushes me an extra mile to win but also increases my will power,” said, super biker girl Alisha.

Alisha wishes to be the most famous girl not only in India but in the entire world. She added that she wants her monument to be built in Madame Tussauds

wax museum at London along with other famous personalities. “I would have been happy even if Alisha had choosen any other field, but I am happier that

she chose racing as her career,” said R A Abdullah, Alisha’s father, himself a former bike racer and seven-time national champion.

Alisha and racing are just inseparable. She is synonymous with speed, guts and glory.