Teacher into livestock farming in a big way

POKHARA: Against the traditional notion that agriculture is the only field of uneducated people, a teacher of Pokhara has started commercial livestock farming.

Yam Thakuri, who was in the teaching field for the last 25 years, purchased 19 cows and 8 buffalos of improved species with the initial investment of Rs 2.5 million and has begun cattle farming in a big way at Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City-15. He has leased 30 ropanis of land at Malepatan for 15 years.

The enterprising man markets 200 litres of milk everyday. From as early as 4 am, people come to his home to buy milk. “I sell milk twice a day — in the morning and evening. While my cows give 140 litres of milk daily, the buffaloes give 60 litres,” he said.

“Compared to cow milk, buffalo milk is in greater demand and the output always falls short of demand,” he said. He sells cow milk at Rs 45 per litre and buffalo milk at Rs 55 per litre. The remaining is sold to Sujal Dairy, said Yam whose wife lends him a helping hand. Saraswoti Thakuri started aiding Yam

after quitting the teaching

profession that she adopted for seven years. The Thakuri couple, who also run a hostel, believe every drop of sweat can be converted into money.

“There is no sweet if there is no sweat. If one sweats it out,

the hard work really pays off,” said Saraswoti. She said the money that comes from the sale of buffalo milk covers all their expenses. “The rest (money coming from sale of cow milk) is all profit,” she said.

The cows and buffalos are expensive. Yam brought them from India, Kapilvastu and Rupandehi at up to Rs 50,000 and Rs 65,000 each. The couple has also employed seven workers.

Meanwhile, commercial farming of sesame has started in Khandabari- 13 of Sankhuwasabha and Keurenipani, the northern belt of Bhojpur. Farmers here are attracted to sesame farming seeing good profit from it. Sharada Karki of Keurenipani-5 said she earned Rs 50,000 by selling 4 muris of sesame last year.