KATHMANDU: Tesla AC brand is all set to introduce a new model of air conditioner in the Nepali market. Despite being alike every other standard air conditioner in the world, this particular model consists of something that will make people feel like it is a truly a Nepali brand.

The new AC will surely provide facilities for controlling air temperature to create a comfortable environment in the room. However, the new model will also represent the heritage of the country.

For a long time, Bhu Laxmi Group Pvt ltd has been producing and selling Tesla products in Nepal with a certified ISO 9001:2015 from the United Kingdom. Tesla AC mobile app is available in both android and IOS phones, said Kiran Acharya, CEO of the company.

As per Acharya, the New Tesla Air Conditioner model consists of a silhouette of different heritages of Kathmandu — Dharahara, Krishna Mandir, Swayambhunath and Bouddhanath Stupa. The silhouette will help spread the message among consumers that Tesla is a truly Nepali AC brand that could be one of the boosters on your wall to increase your Nepali-pride-meter.

Along with the Nepali brand representing the rich heritage of the country, this new model also comes with 3.53 Energy Efficient Ratio, which means it is very efficient. With this. there's no more worrying about your electricity bills every time you turn your AC on to enjoy some cool air. Furthermore, it is beneficial to the environment as well.

Unlike other air conditioners, you don’t have to wait for at least half an hour until the temperature is set as per your preference in the room. The turbo feature adjusts the temperature very quickly.

Moreover, the new model has also a facility of an auto restart. The AC will detect the room temperature and turn off once it reaches a certain temperature. However, a few minutes later, it will turn back on since the temperature would have risen up by then. So, one doesn’t have to manually set the temperature every time.

Similarly, this new AC brand has coil made out of 100% pure copper material. Therefore, it has great cooling and heating capacity.

The new Tesla AC looks promising as it isn’t just made in Nepal but built to fit the needs of people in Nepal. The silhouette of the heritages is sure to win the hearts of lots of Nepali people in the future.

The central office of the company is in Chitwan and people willing to take dealership of this product can reach out on 9801164367.