Thike can’t say when NT service will be ‘thik’

KATHMANDU: It’s almost a month now but Nepal Telecom has still not restored its balance transfer system that failed. On July 7, the balance transfer system was halted for maintenance work. The system is still undergoing maintenance work and even NT is not sure how long it will take.

According to NT spokesperson Surendra Bahadur Thike, the technical problem is still to be nailed and no one knows how long will it take to recover. “Due to technical problems, balance transfer facility in GSM prepaid mobile service was halted since July 7,” said Thike. NT users are suffering due to the message delivery system also. Users are faced with the problems like the same message delivering a number of times and some messages not getting delivered or stored.

Thike sought to allay apprehensions saying as it’s only due to system failure to acknowledge the message due to congestion in the network, pre-paid customers will not have to worry about their balance getting subtracted if their message is not delivered. On the other hand, customers complained that they are facing the problem of their balancing getting low even though the message remained pending in the message box. Thike said that NT would treat the technical problem at the earliest.

It’s been a year that NT brought the security system in its balance transfer service. The balance transfer system comes under USSB technology. Due to misuse of the balance transfer system under USSB technology, NT included security codes for transferring balance.