Tiger Karts brings go-karting

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 16:

Tiger Karts, the first racing course for go-karting in Nepal has been opened for public from today, at Manamaiju, Kathmandu. Sangeena Vaidya, national taekwando player, inaugurated the racing course at a function here on Thursday. Guests from corporate houses, embassies, celebrities and expatriate community took part on the first day, whereas travel industry representatives took part on the second day, states a press release issued here by Tiger Karts, today. Tiger Karts is a subsidiary of Tiger Mountain, a leading travel tourism industry group. The company has build 240-metres long and 5-metres wide track at Manamaiju, which offers the riding enthusiasts a long awaited opportunity to feel the impulse of speed and a sensation of go-karting with the fastest cornering vehicle in Nepal. The Karts will go about 40 kph, however, as it is only two inches off the ground it feels a lot faster, the cornering speed of the go-karts are fast due to a high content of tar on the course as well as the tires being slick. There are two systems for the ride based on laps and minutes.