Toamato prices increase

Pokhara, August 3:

The price of tomato has increased by 50 per cent in Pokhara during these days. Locals are compelled to purchase a kg of tomato for Rs 60 that costed just Rs 40 two weeks ago.

According to agro product market, Pokhara the price of tomato has gone up due to the lack of supply. This market covers over 90 per cent market for vegetables and fruits in Pokhara. In the wholesale market, the price of tomato is Rs 35 to Rs 40 per kg but the price differs in local markets.

Shyam Kolu, a retailer in Pokhara said, “It is our compulsion to sell tomato at a high price because we are compelled to purchase at a high price.” According to Rupa GC project assistant of the market, 17 to 18 tonnes of tomato used to be supplied daily in the winter season but the supply is only eight to 10 tonnes now during the monsoon season. The price hike is due to the short supply of tomatoes from neighbouring districts. Lalbandi, Nawa-lpur, Hariban and Dhading are prime sources of tomato in Pokhara. But in these places, the production has lessened due to monsoons, informed local merchants.

Nowadays tomato in Pokhara is being supplied from Bagmara of Kaski, Triyasi, Syangja and Beni of Myagdi. According to Kaski agriculture development office, although tomato is being supplied from Madan Pokhara and Kudule, it has not been able to meet demand. The available major types of tomatoes in Pokhara are NS 162, Bses, BL 1131 and BL 410, the office informed.

Bishwonath Parajuli, horticulture development officer informed that tomato cultivation also kicked off at 15, 16 and 17 number wards of Pokhara sub-metropolitan area but tomato farming has not flourished there.

According to the agro-product market sources the price has gone up not only of tomato but also of other vegetables. About 52 to 54 tonnes of vegetables and 40 to 42 tonnes of fruits is being consumed in Pokhara.