Tourism promotion in Russian Federation urged

Kathmandu, March 19:

Speakers, including members of Nepali delegation, as well as Russian Tourism Entrepreneurs attending the tourism gathering here in convenorship of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) said that the new brand designed by the NTB would help popularise tourist destinations of Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion, Nepali ambassador to Russian Federation, Hiranya Lal Shrestha noted that Russian mountaineers and cultural experts have been taking deep interest in Himalayas of Nepal, lifestyles and culture for a long time.

“Desirable results can be achieved if efforts are made in this direction in the Russian Federation,” he said. He also stressed on the need of launching a massive publicity campaign to provide a detailed information on Nepal and its Buddhist heritage sites for tourism promotion in such parts of the Russian Federation like Kalmikiya, Buryatiya and Tubha, where there are Buddhist majorities.

Renowned tourism entrepreneur, Karna Shakya said that Nepali tourism industry has started from the Russian Federation and added that though small in size, Nepal is rich in variety of tourist destinations because of its natural and topographical diversity.

Referring to the brand prepared by the Nepal Tourism Board, executive director of the Nepal Tourism Board, Mrs Nandini Thapa pointed out the possibilities of organising various programmes for Russians on the basis of their age group and interest.

Around 170 people, including 12-member Nepali delegation of tourism entrepreneurs and representatives of travel agents attended the gathering.