Tourism should get industry status

With the establishment of republican federalism, lawmakers and various political parties have put forward myriad agenda for implementation. Aspirations of the people too have gone up very high.

As such, I wonder how the caretaker government is going to formulate its budget. Whatsoever, Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) hopes that

the government will sincerely put up agenda of upgrading the aviation infrastructure of the country, including the only international airport and the number of domestic airports in the upcoming budget.

While allocating budget for the proposed second international airport the government should not ignore the major issue of consolidating the national flag carrier in whatever ways suggested by the task force formed by the former government. Priority-wise speaking, economic diplomacy must be encouraged in Nepali emba-ssies and consulates abroad.

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) too needs to spread its network in potential as well as eroding markets by setting up proper information outlets. Finally, I think for a proper boost to industry, the present airport taxi services need a total replacement. Last but not the least in importance is that the tourism industry of the country be given the status of industry in the real sense of the term and vehicles imported to serve the tourism industry shouldn’t be taxed.