Tourist arrivals register healthy growth

Kathmandu, March 3:

The month of February has recorded a healthy growth in tourist arrivals.

According to the figures released by Immigration Office, TIA, visitors’ arrivals to Nepal in February reached 30,041, up by 17 per cent compared to the same month last year. Most of major Asian markets, Thailand (up by 105 per cent ), Singapore (up by 47 per cent), Malaysia (up by 10 per cent), China (up by six per cent), South Korea (up by 12 per cent) and Bangladesh (up by 99 per cent) recorded robust growth.

However, figure from Indian market is negative by seven per cent and Japan by 14 per cent. Both, the major tourist generating markets, suffered negative growth in February.

European markets recorded a growth of 38 per cent casting a very optimistic picture for Nepali travel trade industry. The arrivals from UK (up by 37 per cent), France (up by 41 per cent), Germany (up by 33 per cent), Italy (up by 44 per cent) and Spain (up by 46 per cent) rose up substantially but nominal decreases in arrivals from Israel and Switzerland were also recorded.

Australian (up by 50 per cent), Canadian (up by 36 per cent) and USA (up by 28 per cent) arrival growths paint a hopeful picture of growing consumer confidence from these markets. The total number of arrivals in the first two months of this year has grown to 56,105, up by 15 per cent compared to same period last year, states a press release issued here by the Nepal Tourism Board.

Excluding India, the shares of Americas, UK, China, South Korea, Japan, France and German market are in the top list and these markets are growing substantially.

Growing consumer confidence coupled with moderate travel advisory, good air connection and effective marketing of NTB and private sector are few positive things that have made some difference in tourist arrivals from Europe.