Tourists arrivals growing with time, facilities

DANG: The number of domestic tourists visiting Charinge Daha (a pond) based in Buka of Rampur- 7, Dang, is on the rise following

the protection and promotion

of the pond. The pond was on

the verge of extinction in the

past due to lack of proper care and protection.

At the initiative of the local Charingedaha community forest group, the protection of the pond has been initiated. At present, some 15 to 20 domestic tourists daily flock the site that is rich in natural beauty. According to the group, locals have geared up to protect the pond that was in the shadow in the past. Residents have been earning million

of rupees through fishery in the pond every year. Similarly, some 171 households of Rampur- 7 are doing vegetable farming using the pond water.

Assistance from the government is being provided for the development of the pond. The task of extending the pond is underway with support from the district development committee, district forest office, tourism ministry and Rampur VDC. Similarly, the task of linking that site with road network is in the final stages. Besides, preparations are on to introduce a master plan so as to make the site globally and locally known, said group treasurer Kamal Pokharel.