Tourists stay brief in Bhaktapur: Survey

Kathmandu, June 24:

According to a survey, about 70 per cent of the visitors visit Bhaktapur only for few hours to a maximum of one day-tour while only 10 per cent of them stay more than three nights.

The survey blames lack of tourism activities and facilities in Bhaktapur for the short visit and stay of tourists.

“This clearly indicates that locals are not benefiting much. If tourism entrepreneurs of Bhaktapur want to get significant benefits and share the tourism benefit to the local community, they will have to jointly and pro-actively market and promote Bhaktapur,” the survey states.

“They also need to work closely with all concerned stakeholders including the government, public and private sector.”

The survey portrays present tourism scenario, future prospects and possible areas of interventions for the development of sustainable tourism in Bhaktapur district.

Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee (BTDC) had conducted both visitors’ opinion survey and stakeholders’ opinion survey with the help of tourism students of Bhaktapur to assess the current tourism scenarios in Bhaktapur.

The survey report was presented during the closing ceremony of BTDC organised Multi-Stakeholders Roundtable conference and workshop on Sustainable Tourism Development in Bhaktapur recently. Basudev Lamichhane, CEO of BTDC has presented the findings of the survey collected from various visitors and stakeholders.

During the occasion, the participants also unanimously agreed to contribute in developing a Tourism Master Plan for the sustainable tourism development in Bhaktapur.

Dr Gyanendra Ratna Tuladhar moderated the conference and presented papers on Sustainable Tourism Development in Bhaktapur, while Gyaneshwor Mahato presented the papers on Guiding Principles for Planning and Management of Sustainable Tourism.

Similarly, Gaby Jamie Duran, technical advisor of the BTDC presented a paper on Poverty Alleviation and Inclusion through Sustainable Development.

Yogendra Kayastha presented the papers on the ‘Measurement Instruments of Sustainable Tourism’. The conference also decided to form an eleven-member Steering Committee under the chairmanship of District chairman. In absence of the district chairman the steering committee will be chaired by the Local Development Officer.

Five members for the steering committee are selected from political parties and government offices while other five members are selected from private sector, NGO and from the local communities.

The conference also formed a nine-member follow up committee, under the coordination of BTDC to facilitate the process of development of Tourism Master Plan of Bhaktapur district.

The participants identified the present issues of tourism and suggested recommendations to be incorporated in the future Tourism Master Plan.