Trade promotion plan on anvil

Kathmandu, July 8:

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MoICS) has started planning for expediting Nepal’s trade sector development for which development partners’ commitments under the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) is also sought.

In a bid to gather additional inputs from the donors, political parties, government agencies, civil society and the private sector, MOICS/Enhancing Nepal’s Trade Related Capacity (ENTReC), a UNDP supported project, organised a national interaction programme on ‘Strategies for Enhanced Integrated Framework Implementation in Nepal’.

Speaking from the chair, foreign secretary Gyan Chandra Acharya laid stressed on the

need to expedite partnership between the private sector and government, seeking better market access for Nepali exportable products, improvement of supply side constraints and diversification of product and countries to make trade sector more vibrant and strong.

Purushottam Ojha, Secretary at the MoICS said that development partners’ commitments for EIF encourage us to prepare strategic planning for trade sector development. “Enhanced IF intends to provide increased, predictable and additional fund on a multi-year basis to strengthen the IF in-country by mainstreaming trade in national development plans and poverty reduction strategies under effective follow-up of the DTIS,” Ojha said adding that improving IF decision making process and management structure helps to ensure effective and timely delivery of financial resources.

Joint secretary Bodh Raj Niroula, who is also chief of WTO cell at the MoICS informed that the government has recently established a National Steering Committee for EIF under the chairmanship of chief secretary and commerce secretary as the EIF focal point and WTO division of MoICS as National Implementation Unit.

“The WTO ministerial Conference held in Hong Kong in December 2005 had committed to enhance the scope and delivery of Integrated Framework (IF) initiatives and timely implementation of Enhanced IF will immensely contribute in meeting our development goals,” he added.

International Consultant Thierry Noyelle presented a comprehensive paper on ‘A roadmap for Nepal’s Trade Sector Stakeholders’.

Similarly, Anne Isabelle Degryse Blateau, country director of UNDP on the occasion, spoke on the need to create more jobs boosting the private sector with effective implementations of programmes and policies for which coordination between all stakeholders is needed.

Private sector representatives, Kush Kumar Joshi, president of FNCCI and Narendra K Basnyat, acting president of CNI, including other experts also shared their views on overall trade sector development.