Training on market linkage ends

Kathmandu, August 16:

The Enhancing Nepal’s Trade Related Capacity (ENTReC), a UNDP supported project, implemented under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies conducted a day-long training programme to explore market linkages for the farmers involved in vegetable seeds production in Rolpa, a remote and disadvantaged district in terms of resources.

The programme held in a bid to build the capacity of seed farmers had focused on import substitution of vegetable seeds through community-based quality seed production programme and develops market linkages between the buyers and sellers for vegetable seeds covering Rolpa, Pyuthan, Salyan, Rukum and Dang districts.

The training programme was conducted in joint collaboration with the Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC), Seed Entrepreneurs Association (SEAN), District Agriculture Development Office of Rolpa, ENTReC/MOICS/UNDP.

The training discussed on seed production and technology, and market management of vegetable seeds as they are produced in Rolpa, Rukum, Pyuthan, Dang and Salyan districts that holds tremendous potentials in vegetable seeds.

Bal Dev Gautam, CDO of Rolpa said that Rolpa is famous for vegetables production. “This type of training programme will be very useful for farmers,” he said, adding that it will ultimately link them with the market, expand production and improve the livelihoods of people. He also sought donor’s support in conducting survey of the district especially in the agriculture.

Gaurav Kumar Karki, chief at Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC), the coordinating agency for the training programme, said that the training programme would support the farmers to gain skills of marketing of vegetable seeds and production technology that will ultimately ensure food security in the district.

The programme is found useful in adopting new technology for farmers in seed production, explore opportunities in a changed market scenario in the post-WTO scenario.

Sharad Chandra Shr-estha, chief at District Agriculture Development Office Rolpa said that Rolpa is only 21 per cent secured. “The ratio of farmers to agriculture technician is only about 2162:1,” he informed, presenting a paper on ‘Seed Production Programme in Rolpa’. He said Maize is the first crop and fresh vegetable comes next to it in Rolpa.

Fifteen farmers took part in the training that helped them understand capacity building, marketing vegetable products in proper price and acquiring knowledge on new technologies.