US to fight against illegal arms exports

Washington, October 12:

The US announced today a series of initiatives to combat illegal trafficking in weapons and sensitive technologies that could fall into the hands of rogue states such as Iran. “This initiative focuses on national security thre-at posed by the illegal export of sensitive American technology — techn-ology that includes a wide range of controlled US military items, dual-use technology, and other products — some of which can be used in development of weapons of mass destruction,” said Kenneth Wainstein, Assistant US Attorney General for national security.

“And, we know that foreign states are actively seeking out our technology to advance their own military systems and technical capacity,”

he said. A report published by US intelligence services last year says that 108 countries around the world have institutions aiming to obtain US technology.

“Some countries have been particularly aggressive in this area, like China and Iran, but there are others,” Wainstein said. “We know Iran is making efforts to get F-14 replacement parts for its ageing fleet. There is also concerns about nuclear know-how data, that could be used to build nuclear weapons.”

The initiative calls for training more prosecutors to handle arms smuggling cases and creating counter-proliferation task forces around the country to coordinate investigative work.