UTL offers call mobility within valley

Kathmandu, March 25:

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has issued licence to United Telecom Ltd (UTL) for operating Limited Mobility Service (LMS) based on Wireless Telecommunications within the Kathmandu valley on March 24, states a release issued by UTL. UTL has started LMS after it received the licence. This also means that for the first time in Nepal, a tiny handheld phone (HHT) can be used for basic services for limited mobility. UTL will also be providing HHTs from LG Korea to its customers.

Regular price for the service costs Rs 15,060 (all inclusive). But UTL is offering an inaugural price, for the first 15 days, of Rs 6,999 (all inclusive). “For the convenience of customers, UTL also provides HHT sets in 24 easy installment of Rs 250, “ states the release. Initial payment in this case has been kept at Rs 2499.

However, customers are free to bring their own CDMA-2000 1x compatible HHTs operating systems in frequency bands of 1930-1940 MHz/1850-1860 MHz and get them activated.”

The UTL has kept the tariff rates between the basic telephone service rates and mobile phone service rates. The local calls rates within UTL and to Nepal Telecom (PSTN/mobile) have been kept at Rs 1.00 per minute and to SNPL’s mobile service at Rs 2.00 per minute.

All incoming calls are free, while standard STD and ISD rates will be applicable without any application of airtime charges. The monthly rental has been kept at Rs 300 with 30 local calls free.