Vegetable farmers worry

Hetauda, May 27 :

Farmers in northern Makwanpur are concerned due to the diseases appearing in unseasonal vegetable plantations.

The club root disease found in cauliflower and cabbage plants mostly in Daman Palung area has spread to Chitlang, Tistu-ng, Bajrabarahi and Mark-hu region as well. Farmers have suffered losses worth thousands of rupees due to the club root disease, which is untreatable. They are also facing difficulties due to the hybrid seeds.

“We bought hybrid seeds although they were expensive, thinking they would give us good yields, but 15 to 20 per cent plants growing from the seeds have turned out to be root less’, farmer Ashok Kumar Thakuri of Chitlang-2, said.

A student of Technical JTA at Jiri Technical Institute Rastra Kumar Shrestha of Dolakha said, as there is no cure for the club root disease that spreads from virus, the only way is to change the plants. The disease has surfaced in Chitlang this year only. Local vegetable farmers said the reason for increase in different diseases in vegetable plants is because some people have been selling low quality seeds claiming them to be improved kind and hybrid seeds.

In Chitlang farmers are incurring losses worth tho-usands of rupees due to the club root disease.