Vegetable prices soar in Valley

Kathmandu, July 2

Vegetable prices soared substantially this week in Kathmandu Valley as the incessant rain since the last few days has affected the supplies. Low supply in the market caused price rise of basically the fresh vegetables, as per the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board (KFVMDB).

The landslide on Narayanghat-Mugling road section, which is the only route from Tarai belt of the country, has disrupted the supply of vegetables in Kathmandu. Further, torrential rainfall since a few days has also affected the harvesting of fresh vegetables, said Tejendra Prasad Paudel, executive director of KFVMDB.

“Prices of vegetables like potatoes and dry onions, among others, remained constant as there is enough stock of these commodities. Only the price of fresh veggies soared due to the low supply.”

Price of fresh vegetables went up in a range of 4.44 per cent to 111 per cent over the week. Vegetables are also supplied from Pharping and Sanga route. But the Narayanghat-Mugling-Kathmandu route, which is considered to be the supply lifeline for Kathmandu, caters to a large chunk of the Valley’s demand.

As per the wholesale price list published by KFVMDB, price of green chilli soared by a whopping 111 per cent — from Rs 45 per kg on Sunday to Rs 95 on Friday. Similarly, price of bitter gourd (karela) increased by nearly 74 per cent to Rs 38. Price of French beans (seemi) and pointed gourd (parwar) also increased by over 50 per cent to stand at Rs 55 and Rs 33 per kg, respectively.

Tomato (big) price soared by around 31 per cent to Rs 85 per kg, tomato (small) by 18 per cent to Rs 65 a kg, carrot by 21 per cent to Rs 115 per kg and brinjal (round) by around five per cent to Rs 23 per kg, in the week. Price of cowpeas (bodi) also went up by around nine per cent to Rs 38 a kg.

Similarly, squash price soared by 40 per cent to Rs 35 per kg, okra by 22 per cent to Rs 67 a kg, and onion (green) by 33 per cent to Rs 73 per kg during the review period. Price of snake gourd (chichindo) soared by eight per cent to Rs 13 a kg, christophine (iskus) by around nine per cent to Rs 38 and cucumber by 4.44 per cent to Rs 47 a kg.

Price of fruits namely, apple and mango, went up by nine per cent and 18 per cent to Rs 125 a kg and, Rs 65 a kg, respectively.