Weekly share update : Nepse continues bullish trend, investors’ confidence up

Kathmandu, May 31:

Nepse ended in the green zone this week, too — despite only three-day session in five-day session in a normal week — as it posted a growth of 15.54 points to 833.18 points from the last week’s closing of 817.64 points.

This week, unlike last week, saw trading on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday due to public holiday on Wednesday and Thursday.

Last week, Nepse saw trading on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The sensitive index — an index of the A-class companies — closed at 217.57 points whereas banking index closed at 834.76 points.

Similarly, hotels, development banks, hydro, finance and insurance groups closed

at 401.93 points, 996.37 points, 1161.64 points, 1103.4 points and 769.25 points,


On Sunday, the first day of the trading, the Nepse surged by 14.50 points or 1.77 per cent to 832.14 points.

However, on Monday, it plunged by 8.46 points or 1.02 per cent to 823.68 points.

But on Tuesday, the last day of trading for this week, Nepse bounced back by 9.5 points or 1.15 per cent to close the weekly trading at 833.18 points.

The sole secondary market, Nepse has been witnessing a continuously growth in the last couple of months. On March 27, the Nepse was at 716.37 points, but it closed at 729.01 points one month later on April 27.

Similarly, it closed at 833.18 on May 27 boosting the investors’ confidence.