Weekly share update : Nepse gains 29.53-pt

Kathmandu, November 3:

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) that opened this week after Dashain holiday showed no signs of slowing down as it kept the pace and at the closing of the week posted a rise of 29.53 points from the opening 858.06 points on Sunday.

Among the sectoral indices, the Development Banks’ group flared up by 116.13 points, the Finance Institution group surged by 58.31 points and Commercial Banks group’s index gained 32.89 points.

However, the Hydropower group’s index ended in negative territory recording a loss of 23.85 points.

Bank of Kathmandu, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, Kist Merchant Bank and Finance, Nepal Investment Bank and Himalayan Bank are among the major gainers in terms of monetary value for this week.

Meanwhile, in terms of number of shares traded, National Hydropower Company topped the chart and in terms of number of transaction — that stood at 112 — Gurkha Development Bank topped the list.

Altogether, 54 companies’ shares were traded at the Nepse floor, where Siddhartha Bank listed its 10,00,00 units of rights shares.

The Nepse floor — where the government bonds and debenture were not traded this week also — was open for five days.

On Monday, Nepse publishing a notice had freezed share transactions of 24 companies including Nepal Bangladesh Bank, a commercial bank, a development bank and a five-star Hotel Yak and Yeti. But after some of them paid renewal fee they were allowed to tra-de. The listed firms must pay their renewal fee within the first three months of a fiscal year, according to the rule. The failure in paying renewal fee will result in trading halt at Nepse floor.