Kathmandu, April 14:

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index posted 6.37 points growth this week.

The weekly trading report shows that the index went up to finish off at 494.59 points on Thursday from 488.22 points on the first day of the trading. The share trading saw a nominal loss on the first two days with index closing at 487.43 points and 487.01 points. However, it recovered and started picking up from Wednesday onwards and closed at 489.03 points and 494.22 points.

The weekly turnover, however, decreased to Rs 100.04 million with 296,848 unit shares having been traded through 2029 transactions during this week. A total of 4,94,519 unit shares worth over Rs 250 million were traded through 1,798 transactio-ns. Out of the total 68 listed companies for share tradi-ng, 58 companies saw their transactions this week.

The group wise share trading data shows that two major groups - the commercial banks and the others-recovered this week. Among these two, the commercial banks group, which is the largest scrip by volume, made a good come back posting a growth of 11.62 points. The group’s index closed at 525.64 points from the opening 514.02 points. With the commercial banks’ share prices inching down, the index had dropped by 13.22 points last week and 7.53 points a week before that.

Likewise, the others group’s index gained 6.49 points and closed up at 669.14 points. The group, which had suffered a massive loss last week, began trading at 662.65 points.

On the other hand, three leading groups suffered losses. The finance group’s index dropped by 9.82 points and settled at 418.56 points. The insurance group lost 6.23 points, as its index dropped to 601.03 points. The development banks group continued with yet another major blow, as its index plummetted by 19.18 points.

The hotel group, the manufacturing group, and the trading group, however, remained constant at 235 points, 329.42 points and 146.05 points respectively, as they did not have a single trading.

The commercial banks group continue to dominate the market. The group cornered 53.59 per cent of the total trading, while the others group came second with 21.77 per cent.