Weekly share update : Nepse on roller-coaster ride

Kathmandu, November 24:

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) plunged by 62.96 points on the first day of this week from the closing of last week’s record. However, Nepse index recovered by 4.69 points by the end of the week.

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd has — on Sunday, the first day of the trading — pulled the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index down by 62.96 points or 6.88 per cent to 851.55 points from the opening 914.51 points, the record in the history.

The share prices of Standard Chartered Bank Ltd recorded a whopping fall of Rs 3,690 per unit in a single day’s trading — on Sunday, which is the largest fall for a single day trading

at the Nepse floor — due to its book closure. The bank has announced 50 per cent bonus shares and 80 per cent cash dividend.

However, led by the development banks, financial institutions, Insurance companies and commercial banks groups, Nepse index recovered to 856.24 points at the closing

of the trading on the last day of the week.

After a whopping fall on Sunday, Nepse closed at 855.00 points on Monday, at 852.68 on Tuesday at 855.56 on Wednesday at 856.24 on Thursday, the last day of the trading. The Nepse index gained 4.69 points whereas sensitive index posted a growth of only 0.21 point to end at 225.55 points.

Among the sectoral indices, the Development Banks’ group flared up by 18.00 points, the Financial Institutions’ group by 16.39 points, the Insurance group by 11.63 points and the Commercial Banks group surged only marginally by 3.55 points. However, the index of Hotel group ended in negative territory recording a loss of 2.70 points. Manufacturing group, Trading group and Others group posted no changes in their indices this week.

Among the total transactions, companies under the ‘A’ category held 62.13 per cent.

In terms of monetary value for this week, National Hydropower, Development Credit Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Nepal SBI Bank and NIC Bank are the gainers.

National Hydropower Company topped the chart in terms of monetary value with Rs 8,88,83,000 and in terms of number of shares traded also it topped the chart with 3,70,000 units of shares this week. However, in terms of number of transaction, Sanima Development Bank topped the chart with 320 transactions.

Altogether, 53 listed companies’ shares were traded at the Nepse floor, where the government bonds and debenture were not traded.

This week, 2,00,000-unit of shares of Excel Development Bank is listed at the Nepse for the trading.

Yesterday, Nepse also organised an investors’ awareness programme to inform them about the Automated Computerise Trading System. Nepse has started Automated Computerise Trading System from August 24.

Nepali capital market has been trying its hard to make the market more modern, transparent and fair. It has not only automated the capital market, but also gave brokers an added facility of Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity through which the brokers can transact from their office. Recently five brokers are using this WAN facility.

Meanwhile, Nepse is also preparing to provide real time information soon.