Weekly share update : Nepse registers marginal growth

Kathmandu, September 16 :

Share trading at Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) recovered this week, as the performance of commercial banks has improved. The Nepse index registered a growth of 1.14 points against last week’s loss of 1.16 points.

Along with commercial banks, four other major groups’ transactions also remained satisfactory this week, while the other group became a sole loser.

The weekly trading began at 381.42 points on Sunday and dropped to 381.37 points on the second day.

But it registered a growth on Tuesday and posted 383.60 [points. However, the Nepse index closed at 382.56 points on Thursday.

According to the Nepse, a total of 210,841 units of shares worth over Rs 74.9 million were traded through 2,087 transactions this week, against last week’s trading of 300,093 shares from 1,573 transactions at Rs 107.5 million.

Out of the 73 listed companies for share trading, 66 companies saw their transaction this week.

The weekly trading report shows that among eight groups, five groups registered growth, while two groups remained constant and one lost.

The commercial banks group, the largest scrip by volume at Nepse, recovered with a marginal growth of 0.66 point.

The index of the commercial banks group opened at 423.80 points and went up to close at 424.46 points on Thursday.

The hotel group, which remained constant last week, registered growth of 1.34 points this week, as its index closed at 180.96 points from the opening 179.62 points on Sunday.

The insurance and the finance groups are also the gainers this week, as their indices registered 4.38 points and three points growth respectively.

The trading of the insurance group began at 394.78 points and closed at 399.16 points on Thursday, while the finance group opened at 264.57 points and went up to 267.57 points on the last day. Both the groups were losers last week.

The development bank group, another loser last week, recovered with a healthy growth of 5.83 points.

The group began its trading at 308.19 points on Sunday and closed at 314.02 points on Thursday.

On other hand, the other group suffered a marginal loss, as its index closed at 416.20 points on Thursday from the opening 416.57 points on Sunday. However, the group had registered a growth last week.

The manufacturing and the trading group, meanwhile, saw no changes in their indices and remained constant at 322.29 points and 150.72 points respectively throughout the week.

The commercial banks group continued to dominate the Nepse floor by capturing a lion’s share.

The group cornered 70.90 per cent of the total trading.

The finance group followed it with 13.35 per cent, while the other bank group captured 6.31 per cent.

The insurance group cornered 5.93 per cent and development bank group had 3.11 per cent of the total transaction.

Three different companies topped this week’s trading race in maximum number of transactions, share units and monetary value.

In terms of maximum number of transactions, Prudential Insurance Co Ltd topped the race with 286 transactions.

Lumbini Bank’s 20,950 shares exchanged hands registering the largest number of shares traded this week.

And Kumari Bank Ltd outshone others in terms of monetary value traded for the week that stood at Rs 7.8 million.