Within inverted commas : Ministers, please govern the country!

The resolution of the Tarai issue comprises just one part of the myriad problems besetting the country.

The issues concerning trade, governance and threat to security remain the same. I just hope, it doesn’t open a Pandora’a Box, because there are so many indigenous communities in Nepal.

Anyways, while safety and security is the hourly concern of any businessman in the country, militancy of trade unions is our weekly and monthly concern.

Regular attack on the business fraternity has become more of a norm than just a freak incident.

The government appears totally confused or unwilling to take stock of the matter at hand and save the country from the present turmoil.

This breakdown of law and order is actually the counter-product of impunity.

With the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls around the corner, the government

is busy looking after its political agendas rather than focussing on issues of security and livelihood of the people that are more important.

I think the ministers should look after the day-to-day governance and address impunity, leaving the political agendas to be handled by their respective parties.

The need of the hour demands better delegation of power and authority in order to create an atmosphere of accountability to the people.