Within inverted commas : Political parties have no economic agenda

As we draw closer to the polling day, I have come to realise few people know the significance of this election.

I just returned from Dhankuta, where the locals think this election is just another election to vote for a new government.

They are oblivious to the fact that this poll will change the course of their country. The issue of Republic, too, is new to the voters who have not been educated enough on the political manifestoes of the political parties seeking their votes. I just hope sensible people come into power and take this fight for a change to its legitimate end.

It is worrying to see preconditions being laid by some unscrupulous parties even before the people’s mandate has come out.

They should let the people decide what they want and accept their verdict instead of resorting to threats.

Another worrying fact is that no political party is talking about the economic agenda, for instance how they plan to generate employment or create investments.

Today, all developing countries have made progress as their economic and political agenda go hand in hand.

As part of the business community, we are lobbying with some political parties to give due importance to economic issues.

Even within the FNCCI, we have formed groups that are studying the changes that need to be brought about, for instance how to bring about investments, create employment or bring about productive use of remittances.

We are preparing for post election changes that need to be brought about. These documents should be ready by next month after the elections.