Within inverted commas : Time to try younger leaders this time

This is the time when corporates, politicians and citizens need to rise above personal interest and focus

on national interest. We need to look at a national agenda in order to build a peaceful and prosperous Nepal. Each one of us has to act as a responsible citizen. Instead of merely complaining, we need to influence government policies in whichever capacity we can.

I think we must stop looking at each other as Pahadis, Madhesis or Janjatis. We are all just Nepalis. This unity alone can take us forward.

The prevailing unemployment, lack of infrastructure and scarcity of essentials like food, water, fuel, electricity among others, has created lot of disenchantment among people. It’s hightime we pulled up our socks and addressed these issues or else there would soon be another Jan Andolan.

We have seen how little the past leaders delivered which has led to the present state of affairs. So now, the next generation leaders should be given a chance to steer the nation to stability and prosperity. The younger leaders are more dynamic and can rise above personal interest to realise their vision of New Nepal.

My only fear is that people may not come out in great numbers to vote, which means the real choice of the countrymen may not come out.

If the people’s voice is not there in the government, their interest would again be sidelined.

After the Constituent Assembly is formed and the government machinery is running, equal attention should be given to economic agenda. Economic progress is mandatory for a nation to develop. As soon as we put the unemployed youth into constructive activities, we will create purchasing power and ensure wealth generation, which would automatically lead to stability and prosperity in the country.