Workers migration trend back on track

KATHMANDU; The process of Nepalis getting jobs overseas is back on

track. Negative growth listed in overseas jobs between mid-July and mid-October has turned to a positive trend from mid-November, Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) data show.

The number of Nepali migrant workers going abroad had fallen by 12.57 per cent in the first four months of the current fiscal year compared to 86,016 in the same period the previous year. Some 75,196 Nepali workers left between mid-July and mid-October.

Positive trend in foreign employment started since mid-November and around 97,043 Nepalis got foreign jobs in the last four months — from mid-November to mid-March. It is 25.96 per cent more than in the corresponding period last year. Around 71,843 Nepali got overseas jobs in that period.

According to DoFE, 1,73,239 Nepalis — 1,64,711 men and 8,528 women — got overseas jobs in more than four dozen destinations in the first eight months of this fiscal year. The largest number of Nepalis (26,000) secured joined foreign jobs in Magh (from mid-January to mid-February) while Fagun (from mid-February to mid-March) saw a fall and the number stands at 21,158.