World donor community glad at Maoists in govt: Finance Minister

Kathmandu, August 28:

International donors are feeling more hopeful and encouraged after the Maoists have come to power, claimed Finance Minister Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai at a press briefing here today after his meeting with the international donor community at his office. “They also acknowledged the high aspirations of the Nepali people and their wish for a radical socio-economic transformation.”

Dr Bhattarai also sought international support to suit Nepal’s priorities and needs in what he said was an introduction and relation-building meeting with the donors’ community. “We welcome the development partners and thank them for their constant support for Nepal’s socio-economic development,” he said.

Nepal needs to harness its water resources, and boost sectors like agriculture and tourism, he said adding that the government would create more jobs and achieve a higher level of sustainable growth.

“First, we apprised the donors of the recent flood in the Koshi River in Sunsari district and the damage caused in its vicinity in the eastern region of Nepal, especially the loss of human lives and damage to porperty and infrastructure,” the finance minister said.

He said that the new regime would also try to clarify the major tasks of the present government, like writing a new constitution and added that the future course was to now work resolutely towards restructuring the state and bringing about radical socio-economic transformation.

The current economic development pace does not match the rising and exploding expectations of the people, thus the governmnent has stressed on leap-frogging to make up for the losses incurred in order to catch up with the rest of the world at a faster pace, he added.

Nepal needs to refocus on optimising the generation of domestic resources, Dr Bhattarai said adding that the new government’s policies would be directed towards that end. The Common Minimum Programme (CMP) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the present roadmap for the country, he said.