Close to 10,000 people, who on various dates in the past had contracted Covid-19, are reported to have recovered in the last 24 hours. This is the first time since the advent of second wave of the pandemic that the number of recoveries is higher by a gap of almost 3000 against the total new cases in the same duration.

As many as 9,841 people that had earlier contracted Covid-19 were reported to have recovered, while 6,855 fresh cases surfaced in the same period.

The total active case count, as such, stands at 113,394 while the country's coronavirus caseload has reached 549,111.

A total of 96 fatalities were logged today after which the total death count stands at 7,047.

96 people tested positive for Covid-19 through antigen tests. In total, 6,951 people, including those that tested positive via PCR test, were found to have freshly contracted the disease.

Till date, 428,670 people have been discharged after having recovered, indicating a 78.1 per cent recovery rate.

Meanwhile, 1,796 infections were reported in the capital city on Thursday while Lalitpur and Bhaktapur reported 315 and 213 cases respectively.

The valley's 24-hour figure, 2,324 cases, showed a nominal decrease compared to yesterday's 2,367 infections.

Globally, a total of 169,652,379 cases have been reported till date, of which 151,390,678 (89.2%) are recovery cases. Likewise, 14,736,109 infections (8.7%) are still active. Unfortunately, as many as 3,525,592 people (2.1%) have lost their lives in the pandemic.