Nepal is reeling under the crisis brought about by second wave of Covid-19 that took a sharp upward turn in late April. In less than a month, the infections as well as deaths due to Covid-19 have soared to an unmanageable point.

Hospitals across the country are being overwhelmed by patients while doctors and medical personnel are working in a high risk environment which is further accelerated by shortage of beds, oxygen and oxygen cylinders, safety kits and other medical supplies.

Many hospitals have declared they cannot admit patients or are unable to treat admitted patients due to shortage of oxygen supplies.

All this is going on as the government's and the political parties' focus lies on mathematics of securing, toppling and replacing seat-of-power.

However, amid all the political turmoil and grim situation, there emerged a ray of hope as young volunteers buckled up to address the deteriorating covid situation.

Denizens are using social media to share information about what, where and how many beds, oxygen and medical supplies are needed or can be provided.

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Social media platforms channelised by youths for addressing COVID-19 emergencies

Covid Connect Nepal is one of such platform run by volunteers that has managed database for Covid-19 service providers and seekers.

It was recently initiated to connect assistance providers and seekers, and share credible data and information about the Covid-19 situation in Nepal.

In their words, "Covid Connect Nepal is an attempt to secure health resources for those in need, and try to reduce the burden that currently stands on authorities alone."

The portal provides live as well as batch information on current availability of beds, oxygen, vehicle, food, among others, mostly inside Kathmandu Valley.

Not only that, the portal has a well organized dashboard to track the situation.

Furthermore, it is open to receive any complaints about mismanagement that has occurred in course of operations.

Check their Twitter profile here: @covid_nepal