14 ways to identify a Nepali dude

1. Wears a 60-rupee T-Shirt with a stamp of Rs 200 with Swayambhu, peace sign, Mt Everest, etc.

2. Always sticks to Levis 501 with narrow legs

3. Likes to have momo parties

4. Wears his hair long with different shades of brown and if somebody questions him about his locks he says “Nirvana Never Minds”

5. Loves everything Indian from movies to Paan Parag

6. Is a big fan of his college football team and also a big “Metal Fan” but knows nothing about anything regarding the subjects

7. Raises his motorbike speed from 50 to 90 kmph whenever he sees a group of girls eventhough the bike is not his own

8. Develops a potbelly within a stay of six months in America

9. Goes to Discos N ’Dates every week with a Mc-Donalds salary

10. Eventhough his friends offer him beer, he ultimately goes for “Local Tharrah” and says “Kya Kare Aadat Se Mazboor”.

11. Says that he’s a big fan of cricket but calls ‘Out’s that!’ instead of ‘Howzzat!’ when a wicket falls on TV.

12. Works as a DJ (Dish Jockey) but tells his friend he’s a DJ (Disc Jockey).

13. Has a VIP membership at the nearest paan pasal and milkman within his locality.

14. For him, his college is Cambridge University, even if it’s a sarkari college.

— Roshan Jung Swar, Kist College