1974 AD’s classic act


The second edition of the Surya Classic Encounters kicked off at J-bar on September 3 with 1974 AD Unplugged.

The band gave their listeners a peep into their musical repertoire with their pick of instrumental, jazz, blues, funk tracks like Irish Coffee, P Funk, Crossing, and Nepali Jazz composition Timro Maya.

A Surya Classic (a premium cigarette brand from Surya Nepal) event, the Surya Classic Encounters is an exclusive ‘invitation only’ event managed by PartyNepal.

The Classic evening that started at 8:00 pm also witnessed the band playing their evergreen number like Samjhi Baschhu, while the audience also got a chance to hear the band’s new song Madhu Masta. And for three hours 1974 AD were able to keep their audience masta.

The Classic Encounters will be held at various top-end outlets in Kathmandu and will focus

as a build up to the Surya Classic Jazzmandu 2006, to be held from October 12.

The next Classic Encounter is at Absolute Bar, Pulchowk on September 8 with Anil Shah.