KATHMANDU: If you’ve attended the earlier Thamel street festivals, then you know what we’re talking about. Music, dance, food, fabulous party atmosphere and loads and loads of fun.

In the past three years, the festival has managed to attract over 50,000 people each year. This year the festival is back and it’s gonna be bigger. The Tuborg Project Peace 2006 — Fourth annual Thamel Street Festival scheduled to be held on November 18 will feature some 20 DJs — Nepal’s best and some renowned international players — at three different zones demarcated withing the Thamel areas.

Zone 1 at Tridevi Marg will see DJ Sarkar, DJ Shishir, DJ B Man, DJ Vibe, DJ Sickfreak, DJ Raj, DJ Kranti, P*Yell and DJ Ankit playing R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Funk, and other remixes, while Zone 2 at Narshima Chowk will witness House and Psy-Trance played by Salil live on didgeridoo, DJ Aseem, DJ Hadas (Israel), DJ Bhatte, DJ Ulu (Japan), DJ Zond (Russia), DJ Zion and DJ Nissan. Zone 3 or the chill-out zone at Thamel Night Bazaar will have chill out, ambient music by Shiven, Asian Massive Music by Djital (Gundruk Dhido & Microbrew Production).

The project kicks off at 2:00 pm. And food stalls will be set up giving you a choice of delicacies to gorge on.