A brother’s ask

Vipul Kabra:

My elder sister, Ekta, and I talked about all our happiness, victories, sorrows and grief under the sun. I found my feet in her company because she was always ready to help me when I was in deep waters. I know she also felt the same because I, too, was as quick as she was in lending a helping hand.

We enjoyed each and every moment that we spent together. Sometimes we even came to blows but finally the bone of contention used to shatter and we used to join hands again. But now these moments will remain as memoirs forever.

These moments will never repeat in the future ahead because, as you may have already guessed, she is going to get married by and by. Our guardians and parents have started discussing about her marriage. As you know, marriage cannot be performed

at the drop of a hat! This has, indeed, brought me ecstasy as well as an eerie feeling. I am jubilant that she will now go to her real home and live a happy married life. Meanwhile, I am also very depressed that our halcyon days are shortly to get over. A tag of ‘the end’ is going to be stuck on our heydays. I will be badly missing her after she deserts us subsequent to her marriage. It is so because she has helped me every now and then. Whenever I was down in the mouth she was there as an inspirer behind me to win success.

May it be my exam times or any other difficult situations, I used to brush aside all the hindrances only because she never retreated in helping me through those ill times. She was not that kind of person who would back out in times of trouble but was forever there to back up me. That’s why she is my mentor; my well wisher and she has been so till date.

Our camaraderie was so intense that now I feel like I am going to lose everything. Though she will be there she will not be in front of my eyes all the time.

At times I ask why do women have to go to the husband’s house after marriage? Why has such a dead habit been prevalent in our society? I am quite at sea regarding these queries and they are still unanswered!