What’s it like to have a BFF of the opposite gender?

Sandhya: I feel safe when I am with him. He doesn't judge me and is my honest critic. He is always there when I need a good profile picture (laughs).

Ajay: She’s my emotional support. I am single right now and I hope that our friendship will still stay strong even when our relationship status changes.

Basana: The plus point is that you get honest opinions and get to observe life throughsomeone else’s eyes. However, it gets annoying when people around you assume that there’s more than friendship brewing between us.

Prashanna: Communication is easier when you have a girl best friend. You can talk about whatever you want without being judged.

Bipin: She is like my super cool brother who gets along with all my friends. She’s the person I go to in times of need. Her guidance helps me grow as a person. Anju:

Anju: Being friends with him has increased my understanding of how the opposite gender functions. All in all it’s less of drama and more of quality time. Also, guys don’t dare to mess with me when he’s around (winks).

Does it cross your mind that one of the two will somehow get attracted to the other?

Sandhya: Attraction plays a vital role in any relationship but we trust and respect each other’s feelings. We are definitely attracted by one another’s presence in our lives.

Ajay: Of course, attraction plays an important role but in what context and to what extent is what matters? I am attracted to the way she appreciates my presence in her life.

Basana: I believe there is a space for friendship even if they are of the opposite gender. You just have to be clear in your mind about what you want.

Prashanna: Physical attraction is uncommon between two best friends irrespective of gender. If there is something like that then I think it just gets messy because two people involved might not be on the same boat when it comes to mutual attraction. It ceases to be friendship then.

Bipin: Well it hasn’t happened yet and I don’t think it will ever happen. She is one of the best women I have met so far and she’s my BFF!

Anju: I have seen that happen with a lot of people but not in our case. We have always been there for each other and it has always been pure friendship.

Three things your BFF and you have in common.

Sandhya: We love movies and we spend a lot of money together. Also, we both are mad.

Ajay: We both are emotionally driven and crazy at the same time.

Basana: We both are cheerful and we have similar perceptions on things around us.

Prashanna: We both are optimistic. We both love emulating people!

Bipin: We are very different from each other. The only common thing is we both breathe air (laughs). But our differences is what keeps us together.

Anju: We are as different as chalk and cheese! But yes, we both love our work and cats.