A fun place to be


With the growing trend of nuclear family, it becomes difficult at times for working parents manage various responsibilities. They dream of a place where they can leave their children and take some time off for themselves. Recognising this need, Urvashi Rana and Paralita Malla have opened the Punkie Universe, a children’s entertainment centre at Hotel Bluestar Complex, Tripureswore.

Teachers by profession, the duo have a good knowledge and experience of handling children. This is one place where children can entertain the-mselves, make new frie-nds, and most important be safe.

The major attractions are a five tier magical maze with spiral slides, tunnels, ball pool, army crawl, punching bags and play station. These are not only for fun but also provide a means for good exercise for growing children.

The are four attendants to look after the children. Having undergone brief orientation, they are a caring and perceptive lot being able to get along with children of all ages.

Children from age the age group of 3-13 years are welcome to enjoy the fun that Punkie Universe is all about. An hour’s play here costs Rs 175 per child. It is open from 11:30 am-7: 30 pm on weekdays, and from 10:30 am-7: 30 pm on weekends and public holidays. They also have a special Dashain offer. Parents can leave their children here for Rs 100 an hour then. Children’s birthday parties are also organised.