A jazzy beginning

KATHMANDU: The Chevrolet Concert Series, a monthly jazz affair, began at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory on February 27. It was earlier known as the the Miles Music Festival.

The series is divided into 11 shows and is scheduled to take place on the last Saturday of every month throughout the year.

“We thought and realised that we could do much more and probably better if we divide this event into 11 shows,” said Mariano E Abello, Director of KJC.

The atmosphere in the KJC auditorium was overpowering with beautiful songs and cool Jazz numbers. Three bands — KJC Choir, a group of students from KJC accompanied by vocal teacher Shreeti Pradhan on keyboards, Mariano Abello Quartet and KJC Big Band — gave a fabulous performance spellbinding the audience.

The KJC Choir sang cover versions of Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard, Over the Rainbow by Elin Debion and Wonderful World by Guy Sebastian. One could ultimately experience the extraordinary talent of the group when one heard them mix Over the Rainbow and Wonderful World into one beautiful harmony.

“We tried to blend ‘our-own-kind of’ harmonies in this mixed composition,” said Pradhan.

The KJC Choir hit the right chord in the heart of the uncompromising music lovers gathered at the hall.

Mariano Abello Quartet then played some classic Jazz numbers. The band played Jazz standard cover numbers — Midnight Voyage originally composed

by J Caldarazzo, Round

Midnight by pianist Thelonious Monk. They also played original number Vidhea composed by Abello himself.

The KJC Big Band (comprising 12 members, it’s really huge actually) played Jazz standard numbers Blues for Pumpkin, Tricky Criss, This one’s for Snoops and Niki’s Blues.

As a huge unexpected crowd had turned up, it was definitely ‘warm sunshine’ for the Chevrolet Concert Series.