A lazy, hazy, crazy


Venue: Shangri-La

Time: 6 pm

Crowd: 500

Silver jubilee celebrations of this grand hotel at Lazimpat kicked off with the welcome speeches by Daman Pradhan, chairman, and Biswa Gupta, general manager. The army band played irresistible tunes giving life and soul to the magnificent party. By the time it was seven, about 500 guests including the honourable ministers, Ambassadors and the who’s who of the corporate world and the tourism industry had gathered to mark the 25th spectacular anniversary of the hotel. Dil Bahadur Gurung, manager, sales and marketing, said, “I’ve been in the hotel since 1996 and now we are an inseparable part of the family”. While the drinks flowed and the army band played traditional Nepali tunes, including the popular “Resham Phiri Ri”, guests could be seen dancing and savouring every moment of this wonderful party.

The hotel also took this opportunity to honour all well wishers and friends who’d stood by it for the last 25 years. These special guests were feted with a memento and a letter of appreciation. The celebrations came to an end with a grand cocktail and dinner at Shambala Garden at about 10 pm.

Jointly contributed by Rabindra Pokharel and Yasmin Taj

Venue: Rox, The Hyatt

Time: 9 pm

Crowd: 300

For music lovers, this was the most exclusive party this weekend in town. The MIDIval PunditZ, the first subcontinental international electronica band, the first album (‘Fabric’) of whom was used in Mira Nair’s hit ‘Monsoon Wedding’ were the stars of the evening. Also present were DJ Raju and DJ Nishan from Funky Buddha. As the spirits flowed and the young girls dazzled, the crowd was seen jostling to get onto the dance floor. The party continued till 3 pm.

Venue: Galaxy, Hotel Everest

Time: 11 pm

Crowd: 550

If there was one party that really rocked Kathmandu this Friday night; it has to be the one at Galaxy Discotheque, Hotel Everest. “Star Wars - The Remixology” was definitely a party of a different kind and made this Friday night an indelible memory in the minds of most of us.

The party that began at around half past ten had DJ Kary from Delhi taking over the consoles, setting the perfect mood for everyone to jump onto the dance floor. Then came the turn of DJ Kranti, who proved his skills playing the latest and most happening commercial music. DJ Ankit took charge and the crowd was obviously going crazy, not letting the heat deter their spirits. And finally it was the turn of DJ Jimmy from Bangalore, whose amazing choice of music kept the crowd swooning till the wee hours of the morning. The actual war amongst the DJs began at around half past one, where DJ Ankit played a track, handing it over to DJ Jimmy to play it in his own rendition and vice versa. Some of the best remixes were of rock changed into progressive house, hip-hop into house beats and some of the most popular remixed tracks were “Rich Girl” mixed with “Tauba Tauba”, “Superstar” mixed with “Lady” and “Bombay Rockers” mixed with “Punjabi MC”. Models, singers, socialites and DJs from all around town were present in the party grooving and enjoying every single moment. Kudos to the four DJs for rocking the party!

Venue: JYC Field, Jawalakhel

Time: 4 pm

Crowd: 200

An overwhelming crowd had gathered by the time the members of all the three bands made their appearance onstage at JYC Field, Jawlakhel on June 4. Though the afternoon sun was tormenting, they seemed to look little notice of it. Perhaps, they had anticipated the wonders popular bands Axis, The Shadows and Sudip Giri had up their sleeves. The Shadows strumming their guitars to popular number “E Ama Bau” had the young couples capering around in a state of euphoria. Sudip BK, lead vocalist of The Shadows, said, “We never had such a remarkable turnout of audience.” Even Sudip Giri, the solo artiste, was successful in rocking the groovy crowd while “Addhuro Prem” by Axis was received with thunderous applause. Basanta Devkota of Nobel College said, “This is something more than I expected. The bands hav e performed remarkably.” Jammin for peace, the live concert by Axis, The Shadows and Sudip Giri, was organised by Plan Net International and sponsored by Nobel Academy.