A new dawn?

At last, a new Nepal is dawning. All those years of longing for peace, the wait is over. Monarchy has come to an end and the Maoists have won the elections.

Yes, this is certainly a new Nepal. No petrol. No gas. No nothing! Almost everyday is a bandh.

If we compare the present with the past, the past was far better. Our country has become a bad tourist attraction with roads full of garbage.

One day I was walking with my mother to UWTC, in Tripureshwor. Just opposite the Bluebird mall, there is a temple. Above the temple, I could see garbage flying! Can you believe it? Flying! Is this what we call a tourist attraction?

And Bagmati, a very sacred river for the Hindus, is polluted day by day. When people pass on the bridges over it, they get a whiff of a very disgusting smell.

We all know that our country is the second richest country in water resources, after Brazil. Then, where is the electricity? We have to face several blackouts and load-shedding.

And where is the drinking water? We are forced to drink mineral water by buying them from the shops.

What is this? A new Nepal? Can’t we improve the situation of our country? So, this is a public request for all Nepalis to improve and to make a real new Nepal!

— Mohit Shrestha, Class VI, Gyanodaya Bal Batika School