A peek into their lives


Watching the three of them joking and laughing one could see how much fun Indian Idol 3 must have been. Humble and shy Prashant Tamang looked fresh and dashing, Amit Paul looked naughty and cute with his mischievous grin and innocent eyes where as Charu Semwal looked radiant and angelic giving away the coy smile that could melt anyone’s heart. Prashant, Amit and Charu shared their journey so far since the Indian Idol 3 with THT.

“Well after winning the title I have been busy with album recording, video shoot and shows. The pressure is still on and I don’t have a single minute free for myself. Everything happened so fast and I am happy with the achievement and the response I am getting from my fans,” said Prashant. But one regret that he has is that he has not been able to go to his hometown, “I have not been to Darjeeling and that makes me feel very bad and guilty, I get very less free time and I want to go home but what’s the use if I don’t get to spend some quality time with my family, friends and people who loved me so much. So I am planning to go for a long holiday.”

As they are household names today how does such attention feel? “It feels great to see strangers recognising you,” gushed Charu. “Sometimes people come and click pictures with us and hug us which is flattering but at times it just gets very tiring, we come back from hours long show and all the attention makes me very uncomfortable,” shared Amit. Prashant added, “At times it gets hard to handle. I feel very bad when fans come up to speak to me but I can’t as I am in a hurry to get ready for a show. It’s sad for me and them as well.”

Despite all the adulation and attention they have not changed a bit from what they were, “Both Prashant and I are very down-to-earth, we have struggled a lot to get here. We have had our share of bad days so we take our success very carefully. Frankly speaking even today we are not accustomed to the celebrity status and feel very shy. This is just a dream come true for all of us,” said Amit.

Both Amit and Prashant have got various offers for playback singing. Amit who recently recorded his first Nepali song was very excited to talk about it, “Nepali songs are the best and the most romantic.” Prashant has also acted (as himself) in the daily soap Amber Dhara in Sony. He looked very nervous and flushed when asked about it, “I don’t think acting is my cup of tea. Right now I am concentrating in my singing but let’s see what happens in the future,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. Similarly, Charu said, “There are offers for movies and Balaji serials but not right now, let me enjoy my passion.”

Prashant and Amit were always the best of friends during the reality show and their bond as friends was clear during the finale when they genuinely said that it does not matter who wins. “If it was someone else and not Prashant in the final there would be that feel of competition,” said Amit. Charu quickly added, “When Amit was voted back in the wild card it was Prashant who was the happiest and screaming backstage.” The boys share an apartment in Mumbai,

Amit shared that Prashant plays guitar very well and he likes to hear him sing Chaino sukun from his first album. They both are self-confessed cleanliness freaks. Prashant said that he can prepare wai wai very well and Amit can fix a cup of tea and omelette. They also like playing Play Station, so who wins all the time, “Oh it’s Prashant,” informed Amit.