A thing of the past

We live in the 21st century, but our thoughts are still like those harboured by ancient people. Our thoughts are still guided by untouchability and the caste system.

Hinduism is regarded as the oldest and the best religion, but we still practice untouchability. Its true that we should preserve and promote our religion, but we should get rid of the caste bias.

This caste discrimination should be removed by giving back to the so-called lower caste people their lost individuality.

The people from the lower castes are not so developed in our country. If anybody is born of a low caste here, there is no chance for him/her here. Why should this be? Work should be done for their uplift.

There should be possibilities, opportunities and hope for every individual in the country. Today if s/he is poor, s/he should be given chance to become rich, learned and respected.

Anything that bars the power of free thoughts and actions of an individual should have no place in a society.