A tribute in colours

KATHMANDU: An exhibition on artistic expressions inspired by the late Rama Nanda Joshi was inaugurated by the French ambassador Michel Jolivet at the Park Gallery, Pulchowk on November 14.

The forty-five paintings were produced during two workshops held in August which were participated by the country’s leading and prominent artists as well as emerging artists. Titled ‘Inspired Expression’, the exhibiton is the artists’ collective tribute to Joshi’s genius. Uttam Nepali, Kiran Manandhar, Govinda Dongol, Laya Mainali, Binod Pradhan, Erina Tamrakar... all share space under the same roof.

From Binod Pradhan’s fluid lines to Pradeep Bajracharya’s riot of colours and Asha Dongol’s stark lines... the exhibition has everything diverse to offer. From water colours to acrylic, the paintings speak of a life that is varied and interesting.

“Joshi was popular among foreigners because he painted ordinary people doing ordinary work but his paintings were filled with beauty,” said the French envoy of Joshi, and this exhibition is a ovation to that genius.

The exhibition is on till December 6