A walk to remember


In the freezing winter morning when most of the city dwellers were cozily sleeping, a team of enthusiastic and generous people had assembled at the Maiti Ghar Mandala at 8:00 am for a noble cause.

On January 13, the ninth annual Tewa Walkathon was inaugurated by Kollywood star Rajesh Hamal, which was participated by around 150 people. This year’s slogan was ‘Walk for Equitable Justice and Peace’.

The 10-km walk that started at Maitighar Mandala ended at Tewa premises in Dhapakhel During. For each kilometre covered, the participants donated Rs 500.

The total amount raised is estimated to be between Rs 80,000 and 1 lakh.

“The funds raised will be used for the welfare of women in rural areas by providing them grants. These are not given to individuals but groups or organisations involved with women,” said Urmila Shrestha, volunteer programme officer at Tewa.

Hamal, who has been doing this walk for the last four years said, “The Tewa Walkathon is like killing two birds with one stone — it is done for a noble cause and is good for one’s health as well.”

He added, “This is a unique way to collect money. Most organisations rely on international funds, but Tewa has internalised the concept and are empowering women, and personally I feel very good to be associated with this Walkathon.”

Singer Nalina Chitrakar Mishra, who was also present at the programme, said that it feels good to be a part of this event both as a female and an artiste, and thinks celebrity participation along with the public’s should increase in such events.

Muna Shrestha, member of Tewa said, “The main objective of the walk is to ensure that money given by a Nepali is utilised for the welfare of a Nepali. Even though people may be interested in contributing for social causes, most of them do not have any idea. So, programmes like these that have visibility help motivate such people.”

From youngsters to middle-aged women and men were present for the walk, members of Tewa and other organisations, volunteers and the general public were there to support this noble cause. Though the majority of the participants was women, it was nice to see men there as well.

Shanker Pathak and Gyan Bahadu Bamjan said that since they lived in Dhapakhel and were impressed with the work Tewa has been doing, they decided to join the Walkathon.