A win-win offer

Ravindra Pokharel


Sports enthusiasts can find no better place to indulge in their favourite activities anymore than Asian Sports Bar Ltd. The Bar located at Bijuli Bazaar was inaugurated today by member secretary of National Sports Council Mr Kishore Bahadur Singh. The inauguration ceremony was participated by sportsmen, youngsters and gourmets. This is the first time that a restaurant has incorporated sportive activities as an additional feature of entertainment along with traditional dances which accompanies the start of each vicious bout.

Mr Kishore Bahadur Singh applauded the initiative of the bar to encourage preservation and promotion of Nepalis art and culture and at the same time promote the sportive spirit.

“At a time when stories abound about escalating promiscuity in restaurants, this was a laudable endeavour,” observed participants. Asian Sports Bar offers delicious traditional food items and exquisite dohori and dance performances by professional musicians.

Apart from these, anyone audacious enough to participate in the boxing bouts can enter the ring and compare his mettle with that of professional boxers. The bar guarantees to pay the price for your courage. It offers prizes to each of the contenders, no matter whether they win or lose. Who wouldn’t want to take this opportunity of a win-win offer?