Acts of kindness

Acts of kindness:

We all know that kindness plays an important role in building character. We should be kind to everyone especially to the poor. If we are kind the others then others are kind to us as well. As a result we will certainly be happy. Poor people need support and kindness. We should contribute towards human welfare. “Sorry” and “Thank you” are two magic words, which we should use when we make mistakes and receive something from someone.

Minnat Joshi, Class IV-J, GEMS

Power of love:

Life without love is like an electric wire without power supply and a school without teachers. In short, life without love in meaningless. Life without love is a universe without the sun, fire without heat and air without oxygen.

There is nothing that love cannot achieve in this world. None can exist without love, even for a moment, be it humans or animals or birds. It is an essential part of life. How will it be if there were no odour or colour in a flower? How it will be if there is no sweetness in sugar? Life without love would be like a bird without wings.

There are numerous powers such as atomic power, magnetic power in this world. Though we can survive without these powers we cannot survive without the power of love for the power of love surpasses them all.

Rosuna Shrestha, Sundar Ban High School