Adding colour

Our phul-wallah, masala-didi, rang-dai and others who add light and colour to our Tihar celebrations, share their side of the story with Abhilasha Subba.

Jai Lal Das came here from Bihar, India in search of work and for the last couple of years, he has been selling accessories for ladies on the footpaths. During festival seasons like Holi and Tihar, he sells colours.

How is the business?

During festival, the earnings is better than usual. And it has to be as we also have to send money back home for Diwali.

Do you like the festival? Any memorable experience?

Chhath puja is more important to us, so I will be going home for it. I do remember celebrating Chhath when my mother was alive. It used to be different and she used to prepare good food for all.

How do you plan to celebrate Bhai dooj?

We are four brothers and have one sister, so we pamper her a lot. Instead of giving her money, which she spends on useless junk, I would give her gifts.

Are you worried about the new rule regarding footpath vendors?

This is the only way we can support our family. If this is taken away, it will be very difficult for us to survive. I’m planning to buy a cartwheel and sell goodies.