Adi-Rani engagement news is ‘nonsense’


Reports that Rani Mukherjee got ‘secretly’ engaged to filmmaker Aditya Chopra have the entire Chopra and Mukherjee clans aghast and amused. No member of either family or their close friends, including Karan Johar who’s currently in London, seem aware of this deeply mysterious ceremony that apparently happened on Monday evening.

According to the media reports, Kirron Kher and husband Anupam were among the handpicked group of people who attended the hush-hush function.

Anupam has a hearty laugh over the matter. “I was supposed to be at Aditya Chopra’s engagement and I don’t even know about

it. Wow! Let me tell you neither my wife nor I ever attended any such function. Because no engagement happened. I can say that with 5,000 per cent certainty. This is all so much hogwash. Gawd knows who’s spreading these rumours.”