Adopt a doggy

KAT has been working for the welfare of street dogs. They bring street dogs to their centre, vaccinate and sterilise them and return them. However, KAT has kept some of the dogs at the centre as pets. These dogs were not returned to their original areas as the KAT people feel that these dogs would not be able to fend for themselves on the streets.

KAT has about 15-25 dogs at the moment, out of which eight dogs are being kept as pets in the centre. Originally street dogs, they have been operated upon, vaccinated and kept with much love and care. These dogs are friendly, responsive, loyal, sociable and good for keeping them as pets at home, too.

If you would like to adopt one of these dogs, KAT says you are always welcome. They want only one thing in return that is the dog be kept in good condition and that you love and take care of the dog.

Adoption of dogs can help KAT because if we take one dog, there will be place for another dog at the centre.