After touring Pokhara and Butwal to launch his new album Janani, the final performance Sahara Live concert with Adrian was held at Jawalakhel grounds in Kathmandu on February 28.

Guest artistes Min Thapa and Sabu Thapa opened the act, which was followed by Pushpa Poudel who sang Nauni Nauni and Sani.

At first the fans didn’t quite seem to understand what Adrian Pradhan was saying to them when he asked them to cross over the barricades and come to front so that he could be closer to them. Then after a few more encouragements, a few enthusiasts came forward and were soon followed by others who were only too happy to be standing right next to the stage.

Once the mood was set, he performed Akasai ko tara tipi lyaunla from Janani and was cheerfully welcomed by the audience. It was then time for all time hits which started off with a reggae version of Shishir jhai rito, followed by other hit numbers like Nabhana and Raat ma pani.

It was not just the songs he sang that made him connect with the audience, it was the little jokes he shared that brought them so much closer and bridged the gap between him and his audience. From little things like asking Vicks ko goli from the guys dancing on the ground as there was too much dust blowing and he needed to clear his throat, or agreeing to read out a notice sent by a woman waiting at the gate as she couldn’t spot her husband, and inviting them both to join the audience for a love song Mutu Bhari, he won every heart that was present.

Youngsters sang along each and every word. But no Adrian concert would be complete without some true patriotic Nepali songs, and when he sang Bir Gorkhali, the crowd went wild, from clapping and singing too loudly, to jumping and sending up dust to doing some really amazing individualistic dance steps. It was not just youngsters, the slightly older crowd also joined in and sang their hearts out when the song Nepali ho was performed. Even the guys controlling the crowd couldn’t resist the temptation and did some dance moves of their own.

Another new song performed from Janani was Sir Sir Siri Ri in chutke beat with a Nepali feel to it. Accompanying him playing great music was The Legend Band.

“I try to do something different while singing on stage, rather than making one feel like they’re listening to a CD. There has to be interaction with the crowd and I try to joke and make them laugh. Besides that, I also improvise on the spot and give the song a new and different feel,” said Adrian.

The concert was presented by Taal Music.