‘Incredibles’ regain crown

Ocean’s Twelve’ and ‘The Polar Express’ each topped the $100 m mark at the foreign box office during a humdrum New Year’s weekend, with both benefiting from wide exposure in many countries. ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ grossed an estimated $20.9 m from 49 countries to reach $107.3 m, while ‘Polar Express’ steamed up an estimated $8.3 m from 59 countries to hit $101.7 m.

But the top movie last weekend was ‘The Incredibles’, also making the rounds in many countries, which regained the number one slot from ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ as it nailed down $21.3 m from 58 territories to lift its haul to $274.9 m.

To date, the cartoon has earned $52.9 m in the UK, $37.9 m in France, $32.8 m in Japan, $22.6 m in Spain and $18.1 m in Germany.

Christmas and New Year’s, both coming on weekends, proved to be duds at the box office in many countries, especially in Europe. But there was a strong pickup in the midweek period book ended by the year-end holidays as vacationing school kids flocked to movie houses.

Weekend openings for ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ included South Africa ($526,700) and Taiwan ($1.1 m). Its tally rose to $19.2 m in France, $15.2 m in Germany, $10.9 m in Italy, $10.1 m in Spain, and also $10.1 m in Australia. — Agencies